lördag 9 april 2016

Back from Japan

Back from the FIGHT THE PLAGUE - Japan Rat Raid!

Awesome time thanx to the great help and support from the awesome Nori and Ico Rakko Distro and all in Life for putting this all on, with the help of so many great people we had the pleasure to meet on this trip! Super nice to have the support from our dear friends Love and Cilija, super great time we had.

Thank you all and Domo arigatou to the Osaka punks, Namba Bears-crew, Ferocious X, assembrage and Disturd, Okazaki punks, BOPPERS owner and crew, Proletariat, Not A Name Soldiers, Acute and Picnic, Tokyo punks, Shinjuku Antiknock-crew, Reality crisis, Poikkeus, Defuse and Ulcer, Live&Pub Moonstep-crew, Bumped His Head, Unarm and Voĉo Protesta, and again last but not least LIFE for being such amazing people and taking care of us, Abe for driving us around and putting up with our craziness. So much love for all the help, support and being who you are.

måndag 8 februari 2016

KKSB stödfest

We'll  play Helsingborg as a respons to the recent Fascist attacks towards the KKSB house, which is a place where they have formed a space free from sexism, rascism and hbtq-fobia.

lördag 30 januari 2016

All the available merch here....

So! Just to make all a bit more specified.
All what we have available of our merch, can be ordered here http://eshop.notenough.se

onsdag 27 januari 2016

new year..."new" fear

As the European Union strikes by fences and borders controlled by the police and army, we feel the urge to alarm about the rightwing threats we fear to face here and all over the World. We made a new video for our song FUCK YOU FOREVER which is taken from our latest FörlOrAD 12" and just about the topic. Put together from a past history....and the horrific future seem told hold these fascist fuckers within the "safe zones" yet again

We have a lot planned already for the new year, updates will be dropped along the road!

lördag 28 november 2015

Pre Tour show - Malmö

For the ones close by, please come and join us as we're leaving for the SouthEast Asian tour the 22:nd of December. We play the 19:th of December here in Malmö. Others that will join us this night is Frustration, new Malmö band, Junta raw mangel from Copenhagen and Svart Städhjälp from Malmö. DJ:SivSaliv gonna make the sound  of music for the night!

måndag 3 augusti 2015

FörlOrAD 12" - OUT NOW!

Our new record finally arrived! FörlOrAD is the title of our latest record, 10 tracks of mangel, this comes as a gatefold cover vinyl. 100 copies clear blue and 400 copies black of 500 total pressed. A five month process, due to several reasons, feels amazing to finally have it in my hands. We had a small release party at Hygget last weekend. Get the physical copy from either of the distress. Also available for download and listening at our bandcamp! Chaos, mangel and dbeat raw punk never die!

Not Enough RECORDS, N.E.R. 038

Distro-y Records, DY035

Phobia Records, PR111

Rawmantic Disasters, RAW052



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