torsdag 23 april 2015

D-beat raw punk never die

So we're back from our Mangeling for freedom pt.2 tour. And what a blast it was! Excellent shows, great people, good food and awesome events. Really looking forward to go back again sometime! A big thanks to all the people involved in making our trip to what it was, all the organisers, volunteers, people who made us food, gave us drinks, gave us sleeping places and let us play.

The new record is almost finished and it sounds pretty amazing. We're really satisfied with it and proud of the time and effort everyone involved have put in to it. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, hopefully it won't take too long at the vinyl pressing plant.

We've got two new shows coming up, one in Malmö the 20th of May together with Antlers, where we haven't play since our release party at the beginning of last year. And another one in Helsingør, Denmark together with Ahna the 29th of May! Hope to see you there!

Upcoming gigs:

20 MAY - SWE Malmö, Harem, w/ Antlers
Facebook event:

29 MAY - DNK Helsingør, Elværket, w/ AHNA
Facebook event:

fredag 6 mars 2015

Recording session, upcoming gigs/tour and some new photos

So our new recording hit some technical issues (as always) and we had to jump some hoops and hurdles. But we're back on track and are closing in on being finished. Only some loose ends to tie up now. We'll keep you posted.

We got two upcoming gigs this month:

13 MAR - SWE Jönköping, Insikten, w/ Idiot Ikon & Vildvittra
14 MAR - SWE Göteborg, 128(A), w/ Idiot Ikon, Arson Under the Sea and Min Mammas Klimax




And later on next month we'll be going on a tour through Germany, Czech and Poland. Part 2 of the Mangeling for Freedom tour.


05 APR - DEU Berlin, Abstand, w/ NO NAME SO FAR
06 APR - DEU Leipzig, Plagewitz, w/ Fear of Extinction
07 APR - CZE Praha, Sberne Suroviny, w/ Fear of Extinction
08 APR - CZE Brno, Schrott, w/ See You in Hell & Midnatt Död
09 APR - POL Krakow, Klub Piękny Pies Ul, w/ Dishell
10 APR - POL Lublin, Al. Piłsudskiego, w/ Dezerter & Peru
11 APR - POL Warsaw, ADA 1 year anniversary, w/ TBA
12 APR - POL Gdynia, Klub Desdemona, w/ Death Crusade and Crah

And we've uploaded some photos from our West Coast Rat Invasion tour we did last year together with Frustration.

onsdag 14 januari 2015

Benefit show Punx 44

So the 24th of Jan we're playing a benefit show for Punx 44 in Stockholm at Café 44. Together with Honnör SS and Vanvett we'll be mangling the night away.

Apparently HAPPY HOUR in between 19-21

Age: 18
Time: 19:00 to late hours.
Door: 80 SEK (or more in donation)
Bring CA$$H!

torsdag 1 januari 2015

2014 is fucking dead!

So 2014 was the year nazis tried to kill our comrades, right-winged assholes got elected into the Swedish government, cops held them in a tight mother-like cradle showing their true colors (again), while sending cavalry rushes trough masses of protestors, beggars got slandered, mosques attacked and refugee camps set on fire. All just a fraction of events through out the year. But most ridiculous is that it would seem the only solution to this is more surveillance, more cops and army training camps against poor people?
   2014 was also a fantastic year where we toured a lot, met tones of amazing people, played with rad bands at cool spaces kept alive by people who refuse to back down. Demos and protests are being organized, new bands are being formed due to anger and a feeling of that something needs to be done. We say 2014 Is Fucking Dead, keep together and keep the fire burning! Never ending resistance! Still mangeling for Freedom. A//E

måndag 29 december 2014


As the year is coming to an end we're just about to start recording our new album. Which we're all really stoked on. But in the mean time here are some reviews of the latest album Lurad.

We're almost all out of vinyl and maybe there are some available on cassette from the amazing:




COREandCO (fr)



fredag 31 oktober 2014

Mangeling for freedom

So we're back in Sweden again. England got mangeled and we've played our last couple of shows for the year. Thanks a million to our eminent driver Charlie and Irena for taking care of us and stirring up chaos. And cheers to all the organisers, volunteers, bands and crowds for making our trip a memorable one. Hope to see you all soon again. Well be in our practice space finishing our new album for the time being. All the best. A//E /Crutches #mangelingforfreedom

måndag 8 september 2014

Deluge and a small tour.

So, this month started of with a big bang.. or should I say gush?
90mm. of rain in just a couple of hours, Malmö got wet as hell! Which filled our rehearsal space along with many of our friends spaces. Sucks big time! And some people say it's not a climate issue to discuss. Well...

It might be holding us back for a week or two. But we cleared our space out and I don't think it's ever been this clean. haha.

Last weekend we headed over to France for the ABC benefit fest and did a show in Hannover and one in Bremen. We had a fucking blast! Thank you all for organising and showing up in support of DIY punk. Showing that commercial attitudes and gentrification can go to hell!

Now we're having a bit of a break from touring and are focusing on writing some new stuff for the upcoming album. See you in England for our tour over there in October! So stoked!

Here's an interview Periferia zine did with us a while back. It's in Czech, but still!

A// Never Ending Resistance //E